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Game 131 Open Thread- Royals (46-84) at Jays (68-60)

UPDATE: Incredible. Amazing. Stupendous. Stupid. A complete game shutout for Runelyvs, who lowered his ERA from 7.50 to 6.67. Just absolutely stunning. Alright, to to celebrate Quad Cities-style. Happy Saturday.


The Royals send Runelyvs Hernandez (3-8, 7.50 ERA) to the mound in the hope of snapping a three-game losing streak. Quietly, the Royals have started to play bad baseball again, losing 5 out of 6 games, evoking memories of the horrible Royals teams of yore.

Record through 130 games
2002 Royals: 52-78 (Final Record: 62-100)
2004 Royals: 45-85 (Final Record: 58-104)
2005 Royals: 42-88 (Final Record: 56-106)

And the 2006 Royals: 46-84.

Two observations: 1) we've seen alot of bad baseball around here, 2) the current team is gonna give 106 losses a run for its money, but should be able to avoid it. Not losing 100 games however, seems impossible, especially with tough games remaining with the White Sox, Yankees and Tigers. At times like this, I realize that Catherine is the only Bell I could love.

Our National Pride is at Stake!!

Returning to Hernandez, barring a first-inning exit, he'll pass Jimmy Gobble for 3rd most innings pitched this year (Hernandez is at 72, Gobble at 74). Think about that for a moment: a swingman/sometimes mop-up guy has pitched the third most on the team this year, behind only All-Star Mark Redman (129.1) and Self-Appointed Team Effort Inspector Scott Elarton (114.2).