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Game 133 Open Thread- Royals (47-85) at Twins (76-53)

As Marc Normandin noted today at Baseball Prospectus, the Royals need to go 16-14 in their final 30 games to avoid 100 losses. That sounds like a tall order, but these last few weeks always seem a little crazy as rosters get weird and poor teams often collapse into unmotivated garbage, while good teams often face intense pressure or the first stirrings of disapointment.

Meanwhile, my review of Charles Euchner's Little League, Big Dreams drew some harsh responses. I guess the important thing here is really the topic itself: youth sports and the various forms of insanity attached. Euchner has been blogging throughout this year's LLWS and is worth checking out. To my surprise, a new pitch-count limit is in the works. A nice first step...

Meanwhile, some great topics have come up in the diaries. Could Alex Gordon already an All-Star level player? Will the currrent Royals out-homer the famous ex-Royal outfield of Dye, Damon & Beltran? And of course, more thoughts on the horribleness of Angel Berroa.

Ohh, tonight's game? Mark Redman (7-8, 5.85 ERA) against Liriano-replacement Matt Garza (1-2, 6.59 ERA). The Twins have the best home record in baseball, the Royals, the worst road record. So...