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Luke Signs

Hochevar Signs!!!

Borrowing from "leobloom" this looks like a win for Scott Boras and his client and Hochevar gets the coveted major league contract out of the holdout. On its face, thats a bad decision for the Royals, who make Hochevar arbitration and free agent eligible earlier. However, games aren't played on people's faces, and if the options are "major league contract" or "none at all", then you take the contract. Its not like its my money.

Considering the young hitters the Royals have on the current roster -- Teahen, DeJesus, Buck, Shealy -- and in the minors -- Gordon, Butler, Maier, etc. -- the window for this team to compete is actually closer than it may appear at the moment. Sometimes, when I'm feeling especially happy, it looks like we may be near a late-90s, early-00s situation, when the Royals actually have a strong lineup of mostly homegrown hitters.

Here our the financial terms as semi-leaked by Dutton,

Financial terms were not released, but it is a major-league deal believed to contain a $3.5 million signing bonus as part of a guaranteed $5.3 million package. Incentives can boost the value to $7 million.

Thats not much money relatively speaking (what you'd rather invest that money in T-Long or Elarton??), which speaks to the centrality of the time-clock in the negotiations. If you think Boras and Hochevar are planning on being in KC in 2011, think again.

I'm a little confused by the decision to send him to Class A Burlington and no higher in the remaining month. Sure, its nitpicking to complain about the lack of a Wichita start or two, but isn't that the point? Between holdouts and playing for the Fort Worth Cats, Hochevar hasn't face much quality competition in the last few years and since he's already on the clock...

Well, lets get moving then!!

KC Star link.