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Royals 2, Twins 0 (48-85)

One down, fifteen to go.

Led by an inspiring performance from All Star Mark Redman the Royals stunned the Twins 2-0 last night at the Metrodome. In the last five days the Royals have had two pitchers hurl complete game shutouts, on the road. Rightfully, he won the coveted Boyfriend of the Day award.

Redman's spectacle reaffirms the indomitable power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. His ability to shut down a Twins lineup with 4 good hitters speaks to the power that lies within all of us.

Thanks to nine scoreless innings, Redman lowered his ERA from 5.85 to 5.47. Although Redman's having one of the worst years of his career, he's shown flashes of brillance as well, including a 1-0 loss at Fenway on July 19th, and now this clutch, shutdown effort against a Twins team that can't afford to lose.

Wear your Redman All-Star jersey with pride!!

According to BP's playoff odds report we're headed for a 59-103 season. Sure, thats still horrible, but its also much better than what we expected back in May.