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Game 134 Open Thread- Royals (48-85) at Twins (76-54)

Hard to believe we've seen 133 games already, isn't it? I still feel like we're somewhere around game 85, just past the All-Star Break and still wondering what stories will get written over the next three months. Instead, here we are, before you know it, it'll be football season, with nothing to fill the gap between Monday and Saturday beyond the random pickings of the MAC conference.

I meant to post this link awhile back, but then the Honoring Reggie Sanders post started calling. Here's a rundown of the contract status of the current Royals. Nothing too exciting, since the specific incentives aren't listed. We might be the first franchise in history to offer a 99-loss clause, the way some people talk about it.

But to tonight's game. Luke Hudson (6-5, 5.94 ERA) takes on the guy who changed his name to "Boof" Bonser (3-4, 5.18 ERA). Needless to say, the pressure is on the Twins. Losing a game in this series was bad enough, but to lose 2 or (gasp) 3 games to the Royals at home would be devastating.