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Game 135 Open Thread- Royals (49-85) at Twins (76-55)

Incredible. Stunning. Stupendous.

Or something like that. While the Twins' run from 9 games under .500 to the top of a very difficult AL Wildcard race continues to be perhaps the story in baseball this summer, on nights when Liriano or Santana aren't pitching they just don't seem like an imposing team.

Cue John Kruk, "they do all the little things so well that it adds up to wins". Maybe this is the case, but I think the focus on the "little things" does a disservice to the awesomeness of someone like Santana. Umm, 196 Ks to 39 walks isn't a little thing. Having a 3.01 ERA in the AL isn't a little thing. Moreover, Joe Mauer hitting .350/.427/.505 isn't a little thing. They are what they are: a team with an unbalanced pitching staff and an unbalanced lineup. Like a stars and scrubs fantasy team.

Mauer went 0-4 last night, and had he gone 2-4 the Royals would have likely lost, considering Cuddyer was 3-3 with two homers. Still Hudson did what needed to be done and Gobble and Nelson survived (particularly Nelson).

Today, on a glorious get-away-day at the Dome, the Royals go for the sweep. The pitching matchup couldn't be more uneven: Dayton Moore's favorite 1-1000 chance at greatness Jorge de la Rosa (1-1, 7.48 ERA) against Johan Santana (15-5, 3.01 ERA). In this light, the full glory of last night's win can be seen as it likely shifted the series from a Twins win to a Royals one.