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Game 112 Open Thread- Red Sox (65-45) at Royals (38-73)

Welcome to the dog-days everyone. The All-Star game and trade deadline have come and gone, and we're left with 50 games of meaningless baseball left to play. I'll admit, I've been Royals-fatigued the last few days, just sort of blah about the entire team. I've noticed that Craig at Royals Authority has been feeling something of the same... so I know its not just me.

This week's series with Boston is a good start at revving up the engines, complete with first-segment coverage on SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight. Last month, the Royals saw David Ortiz and his lovable loutish friends laughing all over the field when he "stole" 2nd base/got thrown out was called safe in a Red Sox comeback win. The next two days the Royals lost 1-0 twice in a row, which was alternatively depressing as hell and sorta cool from a pitching standpoint.

I'd like nothing more than to see the Royals get some payback on these foolz.

Tonight's matchup features young Jon Lester (5-1, 3.59 ERA) who went 8-strong in one of the 1-0 games in Fenway. Lester was born in 1984, which is just another reason for me to feel horrible about myself...

The Royals counter with the always random Luke Hudson (4-3, 4.76 ERA). On April 30th Hudson had an ERA of 8.74 ERA, and has lowered his ERA in every start since (8.49, 7.24, 5.79, 5.40, 5.17, 4.82, 4.67 for the horribly curious). Hudson was born in 1977, which makes me feel a little better. Maybe there's still time to make something of myself.

Royal Pride