B.O.D: Boyfriend of the Day August 8th

Oh ye of little faith. You thought we couldn't manage a win sometime this stretch until the 19th. Pssssssh.

And now, announcing our first boyfriend in 6 days!

drumroll please...

Emil Brown

He changed the feel of the game. It was iffy up until the 5th, and then he gave us our lead again. Joy of joys.

Johnny can't field a ball by Brownie. This has nothing to do with tonight's game, but I hate Damon. It works.

It's not a snack, it's Emil!!!!

What a boyfriend. 3 RBI, a single and a homer. Oh yea.

Now, I also have a Smitten Kitten for the evening, and that would be Mark Grudzielanek!

How'd I get so lucky?

Grudz had 3 hits and an RBI tonight. Hurrah.

Scrub of the Days have gotten to where they depress me, so I am going to go ahead and announce our scrub of the year and have it done with.

Boyfriend Count
Holy Child: 1
Gluemeister: 1
Minky: 1
All Star: 1
Mr. T: 3
Johnny: 1
Brownie: 1

Smitten Kitten Count
B-error-a: 1
Mr. T: 1
Shealy: 1

Scrub of the Year


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