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Game 113 Open Thread- Red Sox (65-46) at Royals (39-73)

You know the Red Sox are gripping right now. Losing a game to the Royals is bad enough, but a loss in the either of the next two games at the K signals a complete failure for a team which fancies itself a contender.

Hence, the headline in the Boston Globe read, "A Royal Pain for Red Sox". Nice. And you can't beat the mandatory pun either. Over at, umm, Over the Monster Tom Leach blogged last night with a headline of "Well, it was fun while it lasted" and resigned the Red Sox to another year of chasing the Wild Card.

Tonight's game is highlighted by the Beckett-Redman rematch; the first matchup featuring the two starters since the 1-0 game at Fenway in July. For whatever reason, Beckett just really annoys me. I've spent half a decade reading his hype, and yet the numbers never seem to matchup. This year is no different, as he sports a 5.00 ERA and has allowed 31 homers.

Redman, on the other hand, has slipped back a but since his pre-trading deadline mini-hot streak and sits at 7-6 with a 5.38 ERA. I'll take Redman's ERA and paycheck over Beckett's any day.