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Game 137- White Sox (78-55) at Royals (49-86)

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Still stuck in the 40's, the Royals look to grab that monumental 50th win tonight at the K. Ideally, the team would start banking wins, avoiding a scenario in which they have to go 8-1 or something like that to get to 63 wins. Ah, 63 wins, our eternal, pathetic goal.

But this isn't the time to cut and run.

Question: if the Royals play well against the White Sox this weekend, does that lower or elevate their "spoiler" status? After taking two of three from the Twins, if the Royals do the same against the Sox, then, well... what exactly was "spoiled"? It all just kinda evens out, doesn't it? The true spoiler position would seemingly to be swept this weekend, for in this fashion the Royals are actually the most relevant.

Of course, last season the Royals lost three of four to the Indians to begin the final week of the season, but in the final game the Royals rallied for a 5-4 win. This, as you'll remember, was the Grady Sizemore Flyball Game. The game began a horrible final stretch for the Tribe, who then went 1-5 to finish the year.

Tonight's game is an epic matchup between two beguiling, somewhat fat, Carribean pitchers: Jose Contreras (11-6, 4.25 ERA) and Runelyvs Hernandez (4-8, 6.67 ERA). Contreras has gone from bust to another example of Mel Stottlemyre's imcompetence and back to bust/horribleness in about an 15 month period.

Meanwhile, Run's coming off his improbable complete game shutout of a Blue Jays team that has quit on the season. So essentially, anything's possible.