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Game 144 Open Thread- Royals (54-89) at Red Sox (75-67)

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The Royals go for an incredible second straight sweep of the Red Sox today at Fenway Park. Last night the Royals watched a late lead turn into an extra innings battle, only to see unheralded Jeff Keppinger blast a three run homer in the 12th to blow the game open. The Royals have worked hard recently to avoid 90 losses, and the 63 win quest is starting to look possible.

Today's matchup features All Star Mark Redman (9-8 5.26 ERA) against Julian Tavarez (2-4, 4.72 ERA). Tavarez punched Joey Renard Gathright during Spring Training, so it will be interesting to see if anything comes of that. I don't really expect anything.

Currently BP's Playoff Odds Report projects the Royals to 61-101. OF course, this may not be possible if DeJesus never walks again.