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The Wit and Wisdom of Buddy Bell

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The big news yesterday was Bell's bizarre endorsement of Angel Berroa, who's quickly becoming an embarassment to the franchise.

"[Berroa] is still going to be a heck of a player," Bell said. "Blanco has got a long way to go even before he considers himself in Angel Berroa's category."
(Thanks to Diesel for the heads up in the diaries.)

As was pointed out, Berroa is hitting .230/.255/.333 with 75 strikeouts and 12 walks. He's 28 and his OPS has declined each year since his "breakout" 2003:

2003: .789 (29 walks)
2004: .693 (23 walks)
2005: .680 (18 walks)
2006: .588 (12 walks)

I wonder how this is headed?

Blanco is 22, and while he probably can't hit either (he's hitting .264/.303/.319) there is at least the possibility that he'll get better. I still contend (as do about 70% of fans) that Blanco is better with the glove. I don't know that for sure, but I'm fairly certain.

The other thing I don't understand is why Bell would publicly insult Blanco like that. Its fine if he wants to do what he always does, and affirm the guy with the larger contract. Fine. But don't lay out with "Blanco's has got a long way to go even before he considers himself in Angel Berroa's category." What does he have to do exactly? Go back in time 3 years and win a fluky Rookie of the Year (easily the most meaningless major award)? Spend the next 4 years striking out, making errors and popping up with 3-1 counts?

Clearly, Buddisimo's supposed "accountability" stance is just more doublespeak from this lie-filled organization. There's accountability for some guys, while other guys aren't held accountable for anything at all. And I'm pretty sure "good baseball men" don't publicly rip 22 year old players for non-mental errors.

Reader Andrew Miller pointed out to me that Bell also produced some wonderful quotes regarding Ryan Braun, such as:

"I like him OK. He's got a little perkiness, which a lot of relievers have."
Perky huh? Bell's preference in the age-old size versus shape debate has been noted.

And the beat goes on.


Lastly, was anyone else amused by today's story in The Star regarding a supposed "pledge" by Glass to increase payroll next season:

?I?m encouraged,? he said, ?and I love the attitude. There is an air of optimism around here, throughout the whole organization, top to bottom, that we haven?t had. And I love that.?

[...] "My friends on other teams call me and complain about how tough we?re being on them,? Glass said. ?They?re trying to win. It just tickles me to death.?

Glass said general manager Dayton Moore will have $50 million-$55 million to spend on next season?s big-league payroll. That would be a franchise record but only a modest increase over this year?s $47.3 million.

Just four other teams began this season with payrolls of less than $56 million.

?If we played really well and have the opportunity to significantly improve ourselves,? Glass said, ?I?m always willing to do something more. But I?ve told Dayton $50-55 million. In that range.?

Where did this guy come from?? His friends "on other teams" (how?) that are "trying to win" (isn't that everyone?) call him up and complain and my oh my he's just "tickled to death".

Mark Cuban has left the building.

How much would you pay to listen to one of these hypothetical owner-owner trash talk sessions?? These guys are so rich and so cut off from reality theres no way its in any way normal. Does anyone else think Glass is making the whole thing up? Who are his friends in baseball? Jeffrey Loria?

As we saw this offseason, even if you believe Glass (and why would you) the issue isn't the money, but how its spent. Hmm... who's next season's eqivalent of Reggie Sanders? Is Kevin Millar availible? He would really help clear up our logjam at 1B/DH, wouldn't he?