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Game 145- Royals (54-90) at Indians (68-74)

The Royals have lost eleven straight games in Cleveland, but that could end tonight as a hot (by Royal standards) Runelyvs Hernandez (5-9, 6.39 ERA) takes on Jeremy Sowers (7-3, 3.35 ERA) at Jacobs Field. Hernandez went 2-2 with a 4.91 ERA in August and is currently 1-1 with a 4.50 ERA in September. Not great numbers no, but considering his 9.12 ERA in May and his 8.80 ERA in July, we'll certainly take it.

The Royals need 9 victories to reach the magical 63, and a mini-sweep in Cleveland would certainly help matters. Losing these next two games, conversely, would hurt them. In addition, the sun rises in the east and sugar is sweet.

Earlier today, Baseball America named Alex Gordon their Minor League Player of the Year. As Kevin Goldstein has said multiple times over at Baseball Prospectus, having Gordon play another minor league game would be an insult to all parties involved. Still, this is the Royals, and there are looming problems that simply must be worked out. Without overstatement, we can say that the Teahen/Gordon/Huber/Shealy/Sweeney situation is the most important problem facing Dayton Moore in the next year. This glut of players simply must be maximized whether it be through a trade, aggressive position reshuffling or a combination of both. We can dream of Teahen replacing Berroa at shortstop, but to be honest theres no clear indication Teahen could handle it. To say nothing of the fact that its about five standard deviations more creative than this franchise has a willingness to be in the Glass Era.

Plus, we're certainly gonna resign Minky, right??