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Game 146 Open Thread- Royals (55-90) at Indians (68-75)

The Royals wrap things up with the Indians tonight at Jacobs Field, in what promises to be one of the most exciting nights of baseball of all time.

Amazingly, Buddy Bell is letting Esteban German play again, this despite German's typically awfull 4-4 performance last night. Royal Hitman John Buck however, cedes a lineup spot to the illustrious Paul Bako.

On the mound, its George of the Rose (2-2, 5.57 ERA as a Royal) against the generic Jake Westbrook. Seriously, when was the last Indians pitcher other than C.C. Sabathia that you could say more than one sentence about? Cliff Lee, Paul Byrd, Westbrook etc. Neither good nor bad, without seemingly any semblance of personality or eccentricity, beyond Cliff Lee's drawl... Of course, I'm wrong, I'm sure as people they're as varied as the colors of spring or something. Not as baseball players however, at least from the outside.