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Summoned by Bells

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The Royals begin a key four-game series against the Mariners tonight at the K. Sitting at 56-90 the Royals have already caught last season's win total, which is incredible given the fact that the basically started the season 0-50 or something like that. Before last night's win, the Royals were projected by BP's Playoff Odds Report to hit something like 61 wins, which frankly is starting to look a little low.

Here's all thats left between us and oblivion:

-4 v. Seattle
-2 v. LAA
-3 v. Detroit
-4 @Min
-3 @Detroit

Those final ten games against the Minnetroit Twigers could be tough, although possibly highly relevant as well. Needless to say, a 1-9 meltdown to end the season is highly possible. However, as "Berroa is the devil" points out in the diaries, since June 20 the Tigers have hardly been growling. (Obligatory Tiger's play on words? Check.)

So if a failed season cloaked in a robe of false respectability is the goal, and of course it is, then these 4 games against the Mariners loom large in our quest for whatever it is we're questing for.

Meanwhile today's Star featured the obligatory "the Run-Buck fight was no big deal, its normal & healthy, Bell's a master of team pyschology" story:

"It's taken care of," manager Buddy Bell said. "I'm still not happy about it. But I've been around long enough to, one, know how to handle it, and two, know why it happens."

Hernandez and Buck continue to decline to discuss the incident. Several players were told not to comment but identified Hernandez as the instigator.

Anything further that we do," Moore said, "will be done internally and stay in the clubhouse. I think Buddy handled it appropriately. He's expressed his views."

Stop what you are doing and read that again.

Wait. Wait one second. You're telling me that this matter will be handled "internally" and that it will "stay in the clubhouse"??? No, no, no. This can't be true. This is the most radical approach to this kind of situation I've ever seen.

Its the Bravest Way to run a baseball team and by jeepers, Dayton Moore is a brave, trend-setting individual. Moore and Bell, the modern day baseball Watson & Crick.

Lemme guess, the Dee Brown arrest will also be handled internally? Or maybe the franchise was thinking of handling it in the court of public opinion: show trial style? I guess only time will tell.

Kudos to Jeffrey Flanagan for at least raising the possibility that RSTN self-edited their broadcast to protect the team...

Run and tell everyone you know, its official: the Royals have activated RHP Adam Bernero from the 15-day disabled list. Huzaa!!! ... Since David DeJesus went 13 games without a walk and we posted the "Hackfest Update" he's drawn 4 walks in his last three games, is someone reading Royals Review?? Nea, can't be. Since August 19th Grudz has one walk... Emil Brown still only has 14 homers, is he truly a league-average or adequate guy at this point? Well, compared to the 500 at bats we're going to give Joey Gathright next season, he's the second coming of Raul Ibanez on steroids. Lastly, I made a rare CD purchase yesterday, although it was only a replacement buy: Boz Scaggs Silk Degrees.

What Can I Say?