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Royals 10, Mariners 8 (57-90)

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The Royals are winning games, ants are killing ants and LonelyGirl15 has been outed. Is this the beginning of the end?

Thanks to three straight wins for the first time in a long time, BP's Playoff Odds Report now projects the Royals to 62.7-99.3.


Even the mainstream media is getting into it, check the latest AP lead

Judging by their recent play, the Kansas City Royals seem determined not to lose 100 games.
Gotta love a goal, even a pathetic one.

I've been reading Jackson Lears' book No Place of Grace- Antimodernism and the Transformation of American Culture 1880-1920 recently, and was struck by a section last night that reminded me of the Royals. Referring to the rise of various quasi-military youth groups and clubs at the turn of the century --which were designed to combat the supposed weakness, laziness and general wimpiness of American children -- Lears writes:

Activity was an end in itself; the only commitment was to the idea of commitment. (110)

Goals for the sake of having goals, your 2006 Royals. Still, anything's better than setting a new record for losses for the three out of the last four years.

And so it goes, as the furious quest for 63 wins continues. The worst team standings continue to fascinate as well, as the Royals picked up another game on the Devil Rays last night... Doesn't anyone want the #1 overall pick??

The real story was the offense, which augmented its normal singles-based attack with two homers (Shealy) a triple and three doubles, somehow producing 10 runs. Amazingly, the bullpen then held down the Mariners until the 9th and everyone went home happier than they had ever been in their lives. I can't wait til next year when half these bullpen guys implode, but ala Sisco Bell still finds a way to get them into 60 games. Good times.

Lastly, be sure to check out "dejackso"'s diary on the finding of a Huber autograph in the wilds of Michigan, as well as Lookout Landing's game recap. As someone might have said about Tony Hawk in the mid-90s, had he been a blogger, Jeff could do things with win expectancy and photoshop 10 years ago that people can't even do now.