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Game 148 Open Thread- Mariners (69-77) at Royals (57-90)

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And now, a rebuke from Dayton Moore:

"I don't think anybody is consumed with avoiding 100 losses," general manager Dayton Moore said. "But we are consumed with putting the best team out there every night that we can. We're consumed with playing the game the right way."
Did someone sneak Larry Brown into the room? Well, whatever "the right way" is, I guess thats the goal, which is, more or less, goal-worthy. My consistent concern with Moore's generic "right way" or "pitchin' and defense and power and speed" proclamations remains: we don't have the budget to build a team according to Baseball 101 by Joe Morgan. That was the point of Moneyball. If you don't have the payroll to compete with the other teams who all want the same thing (pitching, defense, fast guys, guys with power) you have to find another way.

We shall find out eventually if it works, who can say now however.

Lots of great stuff bouncing around the site today, as the Epic Royals-Mariners Series has inspired a nation, brought fathers and sons closer together and evoked memories of our nation's lost agrarian past. "Billex Gordler" provides links to Joe Sheehan and Rob Neyer (can't beat that) while "mazoboom" offers a Onion-esque response to the year thats been. (By the way, I hope I'm not parroting Sheehan, but I haven't read his column yet... honest!)

Tonight's game should be interesting fodder, though I'll also be flipping over to Toledo-Kansas from time to time Luke Hudson (7-5, 5.25 ERA) continues his quiet pursuit of respectability against the totally unknown Francisco Cruceta. Expect the Royals to either score 7 runs, or 1.

It will be, in short, one of the greatest nights of all-time.