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Game 150 Open Thread- Mariners (70-78) at Royals (58-91)

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Where are the Royals fans? Last night only 12,000 showed up at the K, despite the fact that Royals-Mariners is one of the greatest rivalries in sport.

Today's game decides everything. Win, and its three of four and bragging rights all winter, lose, and its a split and we have no choice but to hang our heads in shame. If the Royals win, its a 5-3 mark against the Teal Boys, but if they lose, make it 4-4.

It all hinges on a terrific matchup between Gil Meche (10-8, 4.28 ERA) (who's also in his 20th season with the Mariners) and our own lovable fatman, Runelyvs Hernandez (6-9, 6.34 ERA). Why do I care if he's fat though? He's already made more money than I ever will and probably has a much much better life. He even allegedly fought Buddy Bell, which I'll never be able to top.