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Game 151 Open Thread- Royals (58-92) versus Angels (80-70)

We aren't out of the 100-loss woods yet y'all, not by a long shot. The Royals engage with the Angels for a short two-game series, followed by a long stretch of Tigers and Twins. Getting two wins against the Mariners was OK, but only so. It didn't guarantee anything, other than keeping 63 wins in play.

Tonight we're treated to another playing of the "George of the Rose" show featuring KC and the Sunshine Royals. A pickup from the Graffy trade, we've seen Jorge make 8 starts as a Royal, to the tune of a 3-2 record and 5.30 ERA. Is a 5.30 ERA good? No, not really, but its progress, considering he owned a 8.60 this year in 30 odd innings in the watered-down National league. Since he's a trade pickup, he gets to play and he gets to play as long as he's healthy enough to do so. If he was an Allard-tainted roster spot, matters would be different.

The Angels counter with Joe "Colonel" Sanders (5-3, 4.66 ERA). It should be an incredible game.