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"This is painful"- Royals 7, White Sox (50-86)

Last night, somewhere on I-80 I listened to the Royals-Sox game on WSCR AM, the Sox radio flagship. Living around the Great Lakes/Rust Belt/Corn Belt region as I have over the last decade, I've listened to plenty of Sox and Cubs and even Indians games over the air and its always a pleasure. Ed Farmer seemed like a strange choice to move from color man with John Rooney (who left for St. Louis after the World Series) to play-by-play guy, but as Joe Buck and Al Micheals continue to demonstrate, these titles don't mean much now. Farmer's actually great in the new role, although newbie Chris Singleton doesn't add much. Anyway, this is all prelude to what happened in the 4th. As Mark Teahen made it 7-1 and a raucous crowd of 15,000 went nuts, Farmer quietly said,

"This is painful."

Teahen's 18th turned out to be just enough, as the White Sox sent 16 men to the plate in the last two innings, but only got to 5. Essentially, in the 8th and 9th they scored the bare minimum of availible runs given the hits/walks they garnered.

Runelyvs did what needed to be done (ERA Update: 6.31), although Bell just barely escaped with a bullpen he may have gone to prematurely. Gobble was great in the 7th and bad/unlucky in the 8th. The "infield single" Dye managed totally changed that inning, although the White Sox couldn't totally capitalize. Wasn't Magglio or Jose Valentin supposed to show up with a three-run-homer at some point? Well, it never happened.

With the win the Royals move to 50-86, and again inch closer to 63. 13-13 from here gets it done. BP's simulations still hold at 59-103 which seems fair considering the difficulty the Royals face schedule wise. The loss to the Royals moved the Sox to below 50% likely to make the playoffs.


Meanwhile, there's this:

"I think Buddy Bell is the least of our problems right now," Moore said.

"Buddy is a great ambassador to the game, the players love him, the people surrounding the team love him, people in baseball love him."

Ahh, the blessings of those well born: Bell's a proven loser, a non-entity at best, but yet, somehow is a "great ambassador to the game" and just everyone loves loves loves him.