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Game 152 Open Thread- Angels at Royals

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The Royals have called up Angel Sanchez and Mitch Maier today (thanks for the heads up "antidecafe") as confirmed by WHB and the official Royals website. The completely insane, over the top, seemingly mean-spirited by there must be more to this snubbing of Justin Huber continues.

In happier news, I caught this item today, which made me smile:

Helping hands: Shortstops Angel Berroa and Andres Blanco are donating their time to visit children at Our Lady of Guadalupe Elementary School on Wednesday.

Berroa, from the Dominican Republic, and Blanco, from Venezuela, will share their diverse backgrounds in conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month. The Royals' mascot, Sluggerrr, will entertain the kids.

Blanco and Berroa, united for the common good. Now we can all try to put Bell's unbelievably stupid slam on Blanco behind us. Although, before you do, make sure to check out Beyond the Boxscore's take on the matter.

Tonight's game features our main man Odalis Perez (6-7 6.36 ERA) taking the bump yet another time for the Royals. Odalis is now 9th on the team in Ks with 46 and 12th in innings pitched. Amazingly, he still hasn't caught Elmer Dessens, who seemingly pitched every day for the Royals in May and June (Elmers at 54, Odie 51).

The Angels counter with the bespectacled Kelvim (what a name) Escobar (10-13, 3.54 ERA).

How about the Royals stop congratualting themselves on how gritty they've been recently and try to just start winning games again?! 63 isn't gonna happen on its own.