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Rage Against the Horribleness

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So much for winning one for Buddy.

The Royals wasted a good start from Odalis Perez and they wasted a halfway decent 2/3rds of an inning from Scott Dohmann. (Sisco and Nelson didn't really help matters much.

Still, incredibly, in the 9th inning, the Royals staged a rally.

Shealy struck out to begin the inning, but scampered to first on the wild pitch. This was followed by a legit strikeout by Costa. With one out, Berroa walked (this is for you, Buddy!) bringing the tying run to the plate with one out.

The Berroa walk should tell you all you need to know about the quality of K-Rod's stuff last night. It was at this point, that the Royals began one of the most pathetic sequences in team history.

With the game still in the balance, the Royals were forced to rely upon a trio of horribleness perhaps unmatched in baseball:

Paul Bako (.213/.265/.233 line)
Jeff Keppinger (.160/.250/.280)
Joey Gathright (.232/.318/.289)

The anti-murderers row.

If you made an Anti-All-Star Team, these guys would be the starters. If you made a list of the 25 worst hitters in the American League, all three of these guys are in the discussion. Although fellow teammates like Berroa, Blanco, Buck and Phillips also should be in that discussion.

If you aren't going to pinch-hit for these guys, or can't, why even have a dugout? Why even have a full roster? Honestly, why even compete at all???

Never has Gathright looked so good.

Amazingly, Bako got a weak single, and was immediately pinch-ran for... by Phillips. So we take out a guy with 10 speed and replace him with someone with 15 speed (on a 100 point scale).

Think about this for a moment: the Royals may legitimately have the lion's share of the absolute worst players in the League. They're the anti-Yankees, you look at the lineup and see so many ways they can ground out. If Berroa doesn't strand you, then Buck or Bako or Keppy will. We've got a premium on flyball freeswingers with no power and something like 5 guys who are legit candidates for a sub .500 OPS for months at a time.

With the game on the line, we let Bako, Keppinger and Gathright decide things. To be reduced to that point is a damning indictment of this franchise, its supposed commitment to winning and, sadly, our pathetic ability to cheer for them, pass them tax dollars and annually believe the next batch of lies.