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Game 153 Open Thread- Detroit (91-61) at Kansas City (58-94)

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Well, my prediction that the Tigers would win 83 or 84 games looks dumber and dumber, although, in many ways I still stand by it. If you're going to be wrong, be wrong enthusiastically. Honestly though, I just don't like their team. My dislike of Kenny Rogers runs deep and I've generally taken the stathead line that their lineup has too many OBP ciphers to succeed. Well, they've done just that, and thanks to the White Sox meltdown, are largely spared of having a stressful final week. Thanks to the Wild Card, the AL Central, indeed, the entire AL, is now completelt bereft of excitment. Now its all over except the shouting and we can all spend the next week preparing our "Arod MUST prove himself this October or he should be assassinated" pieces for

Its a getaway day for me (although I hope to be back online late tonight) so I must throw the Game Thread up a wee bit early. Tonight's game features our boy Luke Hudson (7-5, 5.46 ERA) as he attempts to nudge his ERA ever closer to respectability. The Tigers counter with Wilfredo Ledezma (2-3, 3.81 ERA).

Wilfredo. Dig that name.

Thanks to the recent slide, the Royals are on the outside looking in at 63 wins again, and will hope longingly that the Tigers and Twins go into full "resting players and setting rotations" mode this last week.