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Live from the Road

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The return of Neifi.
The return of Stairs.
The return of Greinke.

Quite a night. Does anyone know if Desi Relaford, the mighty Quinn or Mac Suzuki are bumping around somewhere?

Of course, all the matters here is the return of the King, as Greinke threw his first inning as a Royal since 2005. Mark the ERA as 0.00 my friends.

Sadly, Neifi had the night off and our boy Stairs hurt us a bit with a 2nd innning single that made it 2-0. After some Gathright-influenced mayhem in the 3rd and 5th (insuring his 2007 Opening Day leadoff hitter slot) the Royals owned a 3-2 lead. Sadly, it wasn't to be, as the vastly overloved Sean Casey homered in the 6th to give the evil Tigers the lead, and Ryan Braun lit the torch in the 9th before anyone knew what was going on. Result: 7-3 loss.

Still, somewhere around loss 22 they stopped being emotionally real to me, so needless to say, at least tonight, I'm not letting loss number 95 get me down.

Fun notes: Neifi is 47th all-time on the Royals caught stealing list with 13. Notoriously poor base stealer David DeJesus has already passed him with 19, and along with Berroa, stands at 31st all-time. Neifi is 112th all-time in games played, with 194 as a Royal. He is locked in a tie with Charlie Leibrandt which may never be settled.