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Game 154 Open Thread- Tigers (92-62) at Royals (58-95)

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Its the Evil Star against the All-Star tonight at the K, as a generation that adores Mark Redman awaits their final chance to watch their beloved hero take the mound on the home field. Meanwhile, the Tigers send notoriously evil Kenny Rogers to the bump, where he shall seek his 17th win of the season.

Amazingly, Mr. Tough Guy Kenny hasn't pushed over a cameraman a) just doing his job and b) holding a 30-pound camera over his shoulder this season. Someone give him a citizenship award!!

Redman, on the other hand, is 10-9 with a 5.33 ERA. No matter what the future holds, we'll always honor his 2006 All-Star selection, an event which changed many of our lives.

Does anyone know if Neifi will be in the lineup tonight? Live from William Jewel, I hope to catch some snippets of the game later tonight...