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Game 156 Open Thread- Royals (58-97) at Twins (92-63)

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The Royals look to get back to playing non-embarassing baseball tonight against the Twins in Minnesota. Sometime between last week and the week before, a potentially exciting final week of the season melted away into a dull anticlimax. I'm not convinced the Twins or Tigers even care about the division/wild-card distinction, and given the structure of the playoffs, why should they? Theres no bye, only marginal concerns regarding home-field and perhaps matchup games. Sorry Bud, but not all grasping "Lets be NFL" moves have an infallible logic.

Of course, as "loyal2s dad" points out, the Royals have wasted no time in using the "integrity of the game" or somesuch as another excuse to not play young players.

Is there another franchise in sports thats quite like our Royals? They seem to run on an engine fuelled by some hellish mix of small-mindedness and spite, and I say that as a fairly loyal fan. Often, they seem frankly angry towards their fans, like a spiteful girlfriend who won't let a bad fight die, or someone who won't ever turn around, ask for directions, try something different.

We've subjected to you to 4 months of this roster, and we aren't quitting now!

Maybe I'm just reading too much into this.

As "loyal2s dad" also points out, the Royals still have an outside shot at allowing 1,000 runs. Would you like to ponder something truly incredible? The Royals have allowed 73 more runs than the next worst staff in baseball. The Royals have allowed two weeks of runs more than the Orioles, much less just a mediocre staff like Texas, who are almost 200 runs back. Incredible. For all my endless complaining about lineup choices, the only number needed to explain this season is 933.

Last night's hackfest update on DeJesus rallied some to the defense of the Holy Child, who still remains the owner of a healthy walk-rate (overall) and perhaps the team's best offensive player and an asset in the field. Nevertheless, I must echo "FireBell" and "loyal2s dad"s suggestions that the Royals are amazingly willingly turning him into a tweener: negating his positional advantage by moving him off center and begging the question regarding his modest power by batting him 3rd some nights. We've taken a good hitting CF and turned him into a weak hitting LF. This is what happens when friends let friends play Gathright. Combined with the bizarre lack of walks since the Break, and its just a strange set of circumstances...

Ohh yea, tonight's game. Its The Man Who Was Traded for Graffy (5.32 ERA) against Boof Bonser. And goody goody, Gathright leads off tonight with David again hitting #3.