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Only Slightly Defeated

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How much does a Royal loss compare to what the Cardinals are going through right now? I reacted to last night's latest beatdown as someone might respond to a slightly long in coming elevator. Sure it was lame, but what do I care?

With a nod to "mazoboom" and "loyal2s dad" we can now begin the 1000 Run Watch. Thanks to the 8 runs allowed last night, the Royals are currently 37th all time for most runs allowed at 941 runs. (link)

33. 1997 A's: 946
34. 1934 White Sox: 945
35. 2000 Astros: 944
36. 1996 Angels: 943
37. 2006 Royals: 941

Tonight's game could see the Royals jump over multiple teams. Last night, the Royals jumped over the 2005 vintage of themselves and of the Devil Rays. Good stuff. The interesting thing to note is that the A's, Astros and Angels all became pretty good pitching staffs not too long after their seasons from hell. And of course, all runs aren't created equal, 944 in 2000 Enron isn't that hard in making.

Looking at the table, the 2000 Rangers rank 19th, the 2001 Rangers rank 22nd and the 2003 Rangers rank 21st.

Of course, we all know that they really weren't winning because A-rod's stat-padding was demoralizing the team.

Lastly, heartiest congratulations to Joey Gathright on his walk last night. Maybe he should handle leadoff duties over DeJesus... Well, now Greinke has an appropriately ugly season ERA (a radio inspired 8.10) to go into the history books...