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Game 157 Open Thread- Royals (58-98) at Twins (93-63)

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So how many losses is it gonna be? While 63-99 seemed possible as late as last week, that now looks out of reach. The Royals have been stuck on 58 wins for a week now, and the pitching has completely collapsed.

As "Berroa is the devil" notes, the offense has been OK, somewhat comparable to a likely playoff team in Oakland. Yet, when you're one of the worst pitching staffs ever, well, you still lose all the time.

Tonight's game features another Dayton Moore pickup, the lovable Odalis Perez (6-8, 6.06 ERA) against some guy named Johan. As a Royal Odie's ERA is 5.28.

Considering that the Royals didn't get a hit until the 5th inning against the immortal Boof Bonser, we can only guess what this murderer's row will produce against Santana.

This should be an amazing matchup that we'll all remember for the rest of our lives.