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The Drama Builds: Royals (58-99) at Twins (94-63)

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Is Tonight The Night??

Will the Royals pop the cork on the 4th 100 loss-season in franchise history tonight?

Standing before history is All-Star Mark Redman (10-10, 5.83), who was utterly terrible in his last start. The Twins counter with Carlos Silva (10-14, 5.95 ERA). Wow, looks like a pitcher's duel is brewing.

I wonder how pathetic tonight's lineup will be. Thank goodness that guttar trash of a player Justin Huber isn't around.

Amazingly, Jimmy Gobble continues to hold his slim lead over Redman for the team lead in K's. Redman trails 72 to 77, despite pitching in 78 more innings...

All-Time Most Runs Allowed Update:

32. 1962 Mets- 948
33. 1997 A's- 946
34. 1934 White Sox- 945 (153 games)
35. 2000 Astros- 944
35t. 2006 Royals- 944

Tonight's game should leave an eternal imprint on our souls.