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A Performance for the Ages by All-Star Mark Redman

Despite the warnings of Tina Turner, the Kansas City Royals needed another hero. With Mark Teahen, Mark Grudzielanek and Ryan Shealy out of the lineup the All-Star knew that tonight all eyes would be on him as a captivated nation tuned in to see if the Royals could avoid 100 losses for one more night.

Wear it with pride!!

Redman went 8 strong, striking out an incredible 4 Twins over the course of the evening, including a strikeout of Nick Punto in the 8th inning that I will remember for the rest of my life. The drama was incredible. It was one of those cames where you start calling people somewhere around the 5th inning, "dude, you watching this? this is history."

Thanks to the four strikeouts, Redman keeps the heat on Jimmy Gobble in the race for the team lead.

Royals Strikeout Leaders:

1. Jimmy Gobble: 77 (81.2 IP)
2. Mark Redman: 76 (167 IP)
3. Ambiorix Burgos: 70 (70.2 IP)

Thanks to Redman's heroism, a rare offensive outburst stood out. The Royals pounded out extra-base hits all night -- two doubles, two homers -- and mixed in their standard share of singles (8) and even two walks (German and Emil).

Statement Game

The Royals let the Twins know that they will not lie down and be trampled on and that 2007 WILL BE VERY DIFFERENT!

In Buddy's honor, the Royals served notice that the human spirit can overcome anything. This is the character of a true warrior that Dayton Moore knows is at the heart of baseball. Skill doesn't matter, talent doesn't matter, coaching doesn't matter. Drafting and player development don't matter either. Nay. What matters is character.

And tonight, the Royals proved that and we shall all remember this game for the duration of our lives.

What made the epic win even more poignant was the wonderful news delivered this morning by Bob Dutton in the Star:

?Angel Berroa is a gifted baseball player,? Moore said. ?From what I?ve observed, he has an above-average arm, above-average accuracy, above-average power. He has good hands and good fielding skills.

?There are tools there, and I?ve learned that you stay with tools. You have to be patient with players, but players have to produce. They understand that.?

Indeed. I hope we stick with Berroa for another decade, he is excactly what this franchise needs. They always say, you have to be strong up the middle. Stay with those tools, Dayton! Hold them dear to you and hold them dear to Angel! The wonderful tools will keep us warm all winter. The future is now! Remember all those years Jeter posted a .500-something OPS? Did the Yankees drop him? No, no they didn't. And neither shall we.

And remember, Dayton envisions the plaza as the Royals World Championship Parade site.

With Angel in the first car.