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Game 159 Open Thread- Royals (59-99) at Twins (94-64)

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The story tonight is the return of Brad Radke who may or may not have anything left as he winds down an injury-filled, 50th season with the Twins. Radke hasn't pitched since August 25th, when he lasted only two innings against the White Sox. Radke's start tonight will (at least according to the hype) go a long way in determining how dangerous and flexible the Twins can or will be in the postseason.

Meanwhile the Royals counter with one final Luke Hudson start, as the crafty right hander looks to top 100 innings for the first time in his career.

Lastly, I wanted to move a comment of "joezdeb"'s to the front page which offers the counterside to my negativity regarding Moore and his recent affirmation of Berroa:

Again...give him time... Please...I've rarely heard a GM publicly totally trash a player on his would be suicide to publicly trash a player when you might want to trade him for something (anything) in the offseason... What moves have you not liked from Moore? Gathright for Howell could be questionable, but not on a Neifi for Dye scale... Again, the man has been on the job for four months and you have already thrown him under the bus..

Let the man do his job.

Moore never said talent doesn't matter. Moore never said skills don't matter.

In fact, nobody has said that. You have said that.

JoPo did say that character does matter and I tend to agree with that. It's not the most important component, but it does matter. I can almost guarantee that Berroa will not be a part of this team when the Royals are good again.

Do you honestly believe Moore should say...

"Angel Berroa is one of the worst players in Major League Baseball. His strike-zone judgment is non-existent and he it appears at times that he has no idea how to play the game. We would also like to trade him in the offseason."

I'm still trying to figure out what you have against Moore and he's done to justify your persistent pessimism...

Should be a good game tonight, and I'll definitely be around, although I'll also be following things in STL (they're playing right?)