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Ending Up

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Well, if I might quote myself, "there's 100". We resigned ourselves to it early, then briefly entertained hopes that it might be avoided. Clearly, the season's final meltdown dashed our hopes and proved Wednesday's win to be only a brief pause on the way to perdition.

Not that it matters, but does anyone else think Mauer's home run should have been caught?

"Loyal2s dad" offers some wonderful insight into our boy Luuuuke Hudson who quietly became a fairly decent pitcher this season, certainly better than Mays or Elarton turned out. As "Loyal2s dad" notes, Hudson established the ground ball this second half, which lead to a cascade of other effects, all positive. Seriously, go read the diary now, for this is the conclusion:

Conclusion: Hudson has been one of the best developments of this sorry season - I would rank it behind only the emergence of Teahen and the hiring of Moore as positives for the year. In my mind, Hudson has all but assured a spot in the 2007 rotation. He might be viewed as good enough to be a #3 type starter in the big leagues, in my opinion. Of course, for us, that makes him a legit candidate to pitch on opening day!

Speaking of the staff, Saturday's game against the Tigers will be started (odd phrase) by Ambiorix Burgos (thanks "ROR 1Fan"), as George of the Rose gets shut down for the year due to blisters. (I guess we won't get anymore opportunities to demonstrate how clever the Graffy trade was in 2006, sigh.) If you read Royals Review once a week or so, you probably know that I'm a big Jimmy Gobble guy, although albeit for no real reason. Nevertheless, starting Gobble would be a fairly generic/safe move, and who knows, maybe they learn something from starting Burgos (with about a million qualifiers).

All this raises the question though, "why not Greinke?"

Despite my occasional lapses into negativity, I like to think that with regards to questioning the team's random roster decisions, well, that ship sailed long ago. So, in an age of rigid adherence to role-playing (is this part of baseball character) young Greinke's is comfortable in his relief role, and this comfort is not to be messed with.

Clearly, sports pyschology might not be a bad field to get into if your starting college. Just be prepared to believe things like the Closer Myth at all costs.

So, we take a random flyer on Burgos and see what happens.

However, how does this effect the supposed integrity of the game the Royals are allegedly following?? So, limited at bats for prospects but random starting pitchers is OK. Yea, because starting Burgos just doesn't effect a game like subbing in a different RF does, right?

See, its not even worth the time.