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Game 160 Open Thread- Royals (59-100) at Tigers (95-64)

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Is this the final time we see Runelyvs Hernandez (6-10, 6.38 ERA) in a Royals uniform? As a fanbase, are we prepared to move on? Runny has his faults, but I tend to always backslide into believing in him again. Plus, he's always good for about a million not-very-funny jokes about his weight.

Most Single-Season Runs Allowed All-Time:

26. 1938 St. Louis Browns- 962 (156 games)
27. 1987 Cleveland Indians- 957
27t. 1895 Philadelphia Phillies- 957 (133 games)
29. 1938 Philadelphia A's- 956 (154 games)
29t. 1928 Philadelphia Phillies- 956 (152 games)
31. 1894 St. Louis Cardinals- 953 (133 games)
32. 2006 KC Royals- 950

Thats an odd collection of teams, especially with all the random overlap between the various St. Louis and Phildelphia franchises. Needless to say, comparisions to any Phildelphia A's team is always a bad start, and you don't get much further being in the same company as the Browns or the Phillies. Honestly, its shocking that the Phillies survived the 30s-50s given how consistently bad they were.

The Royals have two relatively good nights of pitching in Minnesota to thank for their current status as #32. If they allow 20 runs this final weekend they'll end up in the low 20s all-time, somewhere around the territory of the early 00 Texas Rangers.