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Game 138 Open Thread- Sox (79-56) at Royals (50-87)

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Big game today as the K, as the series hinges on an epic matchup. Either the Sox slump out of town covered in failure, or the Sox skip out of town after a pressurized face-saving after a Game One meltdown.

Through 137 Games:
2005 Royals: 44-93 (Final Record 56-106)
2004 Royals: 49-88 (Final Record 58-104)

2006 Royals: 50-87 (Final Record ???)

Nice how that Gathright move worked out, huh?

Of course, there was the matter of loyal2's dance and some pointed thoughts on the Dayton Moore era to consider as we watched the game slowly slip away.

Ohh well, last night's game is over and done with and a lazy Sunday begins. Flaky Freddie Garcia (13-8, 5.05 ERA) takes on our heroic All-Star, who's once again dead at .500. Mark Redman (8-8, 5.47 ERA) returns after a complete game shutout over the Twins earlier in the week.

It should be an incredible game, and with college football semi-vanquished, the Royals should be back at the center of the national conscience.