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A Labor Day Pause

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Its been a very strange holiday weekend around here, capped by the tragic death of Steve Irwin. "thedude925" is right, for some reason this is a tough one to take.

Not many of us get to do exactly what we wanted to do back when we still had the power/illusion to choose. Irwin was probably closer than just about anyone, and he made some money and had a family and contributed to those causes close to heart. Maybe we're all just silly for caring about someone we never really "knew" but I doubt it. This, ironically enough, is the one year anniversary of the beginning of Jenn Sterger's 15 minutes of fame, born of ABC's cameras and some wry commentary from Musberger. We can be cynical about something like that, even read a few pages of Jerry Mander to hammer home the point... But Irwin, Irwin was a goofy crystallization of what the medium can do: entertain, educate a little, expose someone in Iowa to the strangeness of the world.

(moment of silence for Irwin)


Meanwhile the Royals capped the literal weekend with a series win against the Sox, positioning themselves as Detroit's Little Helper more than anything else. Of course there's also the mythical pursuit of 63 wins to consider, as well as whatever form of the "we gotta build momentum for next year" cliche.

All-Star Mark Redman was wonderful in the win, as he continues to lower his ERA. Redman's down to 5.26 after sitting at 5.85 two starts ago. For all this, I must quibble with "loyal2theroyals"'s selection of Shealy as Boyfriend of the Day. Ozzie, you genius!

A year ago the Buddy Bell Era began with a fairly random three-game sweep of the Yankees at the K. I say fairly random because the KC starters of those games were, respectively, Greinke, D.J. Carrasco and Ryan Jensen.

Is there anything more ephemeral than the passing roster whims of a horrible team. Bored someday? Look at an old Royals box score from about three years ago: you won't have thought of two-thirds of the players in years...

Note: I'll be back later today with more thoughts on tonight's game and all the rest...