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Game 139 Open Thread- Yankees (81-54) at Royals (51-87)

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So here we go, the annual Yankees-Royals chipped shoulder fest at the K. The inescapable David v. Goliath angle is omnipresent in all its forms, but at least there aren't any strange protests planned this year.

I'm not sure how a team owned by Wal-Mart money can really cry poor, but thats another topic for another day.

Still, these series are usually quite fun, and there will certainly be an extra edge to the crowd at the K the next few days.

Tonight's game features the low as hell K rate of Cheddar Wang (16-5, 3.66 ERA) against our own randomly generated Luke Hudson (7-5, 5.60 ERA). Hudson might be the most blah performer on the team... a 5.79 ERA before the break, a 5.54 ERA after. Other than his 270.00 ERA at Jacobs Field, he is what he is: 6 innings and three runs allowed with a 20% chance of meltdown.

And yet, there's been grumblings of... optimism around these parts lately. Be sure to check out "KCBabyBelle"'s poll on reasons to believe. Additionally, "JQ" has once again graced us with an elegant diary arguing that:

All in all, I do feel significantly more optimistic about the direction of the team. I think the near future may well hold a golden era in which the Royals do not finish last, in which they win more than 70 games in a year, an era when Sport Center stops finding them lovable and ridiculous and instead just finds them irrelevant. An era in which the Royals can have a winning month and produce an All-Star candidate who can only be turned into a punch line by a person of above average wit. I have some hope that this era may be as close as 2007.

Provided DeJesus, Shealy and Teahen do not regress.... and if the Royals can bring in a couple of free agent pitchers, find a graceful way to unload Berroa, and somehow figure out what went wrong with Hernandez, Sisco and Burgos the Royals could really take a step forward next year.

Only time will tell, but it does certainly feel like talent is slowly heading to this team like Christmas. I don't think the organization fully deserves our faith that they won't mess things up, but ohh well, we've got nothing else to believe in.