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Game 140 Open Thread- Yankees (82-54) at Royals (51-88)

We're still a few hours away from game time, but what better way to turn the page on last night's debacle than with an early look ahead to the wonders of Jorge de la Rosa?

Wow. Game 140. The days we have left together continue to dwindle, as our diurnal relationship with this team slowly heads towards something less regular, until of course, with the return of spring we become fully engaged again. The Royals need 12 more wins to hit 63, but they also aren't quite out of the "worst year in franchise history" woods either. These lazy last days of summer therefore should contain a few last moments of drama.

In his last start, "Of the Roses" went 5 innings, as the Royals lost the series finale in Minny to Johan and the Twins. Jorge was smooth through 5, before Buddisimo sent him out for a 6th he ultimately couldn't handle, loaded the bases before a single out was made. All in all, he's a 6.75 ERA pitcher as a Royal, and I'm fairly convinced he cannot allow less than 5 runs against a good, patient lineup, exactly what he'll face tonight.

For the Yankees its the supremely annoying Mike Mussina (13-5, 3.61 ERA). I know its petty, but I can't stand this guy: can't stand his bizarre windup, can't stand his showing up of his teammates in the media, can't stand his Greg Maddox like interest in leaving a game as soon as he's in line for a "win". Perhaps he'll reprise his bitchiness from the last Red Sox series, and we'll be graced with a Nick Green start in place of Arod.