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Mark Teahen Done

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I guess I went to bed 15 minutes too early. Mark Teahen will have shoulder (right) surgery and is done for 2006. An appropriate moment given the Royals: shutout the Yankees then immediately announce your best player is done.

The Royals announced after the game that Teahen will undergo surgery on his right shoulder on Friday and will miss the last 22 games of the season. The surgery is to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder. Dr. Lewis Yocum will perform the operation in Los Angeles. Teahen will leave for the procedure on Wednesday. That will deprive the Royals of their hot-hitting young star and No. 3 batter for the last 3 1/2 weeks of the season.

"It wasn't an easy decision, but I think it's the right decision," Teahen said.

Teahen said his right shoulder had been a problem since the last month of the 2005 season. He and club officials finally decided last Friday to go ahead with the surgery.

I guess this extends his walkless streak into 2007. Last night on the game thread there was some discussion of Teahen, who's line has fallen back to earth a bit, dropping to .290/.357/.517 after reaching .302/.375/.544 on August 23rd (the 13-15 loss to the Indians).

Of course, Moore is swearing that we'll still see no Gordon.

In fact, the Royals aren't bringing up anyone continuing the September roster expansion that wasn't. Moore's prize boy Jeff Keppinger, as well as someone who can actually hit, Esteban German, will take Mark's at bats.

The Royals will not bring up hot prospect Alex Gordon, the third baseman at Double-A Wichita, or anyone else to replace Teahen, according to Bell.

"We're going to ask George [Brett] if he can come back," Bell said.

Esteban German and Jeff Keppinger will be used at third base, he said.

Because someone who can't hit for a secondbaseman is a great idea at third.

There still remains a central weirdness to this story, although I hope Will Carrol/The Star will continue to clear things up. Why was he playing at all? Why shutdown now? Etc.

63 wins just got alot tougher.