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Some Hither, Others Yon

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Thankfully the Yankee series was over, between allowing a 10-run 8th inning after one of the best starting pitching performances the team's had, nearly being no-hit and watching Teahen get shut down, I'm glad they're gone. What was next in the sequence, Redman throwing a no-hitter and losing the game? Greinke defecting to Cuba?

-The Royals have the worst ERA in baseball at 5.65. This is not new. As far as I can tell they've owned last place since the first week of the season. The Orioles are next, at 5.29, and no one else is over 5.00. Before the All-Star Break the team ERA was 5.79 while since the Break its 5.42. Again, dead last all the way around. With the spate of good starts we've seen, I half expected to sneak in at 29th for the post-Break split. Didn't happen. One bit of good news: on the road, the Royals have the 29th "best" ERA in baseball at 5.85, juuuust edging the Orioles at 5.92. Now, considering how many road games the O's have against the Yankees and Sox, maybe that 29th isn't saying much.

-The Royals are still dead last in pitcher strikeouts, at 774. No one else is below 800. Amazingly, despite the incredible flux of their staff and suckiness of their season, the Cubs still lead baseball, at 1029 Ks. Hire Larry Rothschild now!

-The Royals, Marlins and Astros are tied for 20th in baseball with a .331 OBP. I would bet you everything I own that the Royals finish the season with a lower OBP than this. Let the hacking begin Joey and Jeff!

-Actually, since the Break the team OBP sits at .334, good for 15th. The Cardinals are at 16th. Its incredible how much talent erosion they've endured this season. They'd be the Cleveland Indians in the AL, if not worse.

-The Royals have hit 41 homers since the Break, good for 29th, but well ahead of the 31 managed by the Pirates. Considering they only managed 67 before the break (dead last) this is some improvement. Still, I dunno where the homers will come from these last few days.

-Catherine Bell has reached the "clear" level in Scientology. Who knew??? Royals Review does not know Jenn Sterger's religious status... yet.

-The Royals are slugging .407 (tie 27th) as a team. Honestly, this shocks me, in a pathetically good way. How in the hell are we over .400? With Teahen gone, we may not be a good bet to finish up over .407. Since the Break the Royals are at .411. Incredibly, the Pirates are slugging .377 in that span.

-According to BP's Playoff Odds Report, the Royals are headed to a 60-102 record. Last night's game pushed them back into 100 loss territory and then some.

-The Royals top RBI man is Emil Brown with 71. He's 36th in the American League.

-Mark Teahen finishes the year with 7 triples and is currently alone in 4th place in the AL. Ichiro and about 10 other guys have 6.

-Speaking of Ichiro, his season line is .315/.365/.397. Did a virus of Gathrightism infect him?

-After the Yankee series, the Royals are averaging 17,858 a game at the K, 28th most in baseball. The Marlins (13,442) have locked up 30th, barring a string of late season sellouts. I salute the people of South Florida for avoiding the ballpark: after years of being lied to by ownership -- an ownership that also negatively advertises its product -- the last thing they need is your money. The Yankees are averaging 51,488 a game and no one else is even close.

-Homers are above 2002 and 2003 levels, back when steroids destroyed our national innocence and no parents could sleep easily at night. ESPN's "Juice Box" page is possibly the stupidest thing of all time, but in a dose of reality way, it actually is helpful. The game is the game, there was no steroid ERA and if there was we certainly aren't in something new now.

-And finally, Justin Huber hit .278/.357/.479 this season in Omaha, while learning a new position. Clearly he sucks and should only show his face in shame.