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Boston Will Be Playing Spoiler To Us

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(Gotta get a new post up with "Grudz69" borderline threatening to boycott the site...)

The Red Sox went from in control, to in trouble, to dead in about three weeks. Actually, it was about 5 weeks, not that it really matters. The AL East again belongs to the Yankees and their chances of the Wild Card have to be considered slim. We'll see this weekend in Boston if they have anything left. Hopefully we can torpedo whats left of their postseason hopes. Falkland Islands style, baby.

Probably the Red Sox will get a "dead cat bounce" and sweep us. In a shocking role reversal, it'll be meaningless for them, but crushing for us. As our miracle run at 63 wins will be endangered. This no-100 loses thing has kinda taken on a life of its own, no?

By the way, is anyone else praying for a Tigers meltdown? I'd love to see a threeway race down the stretch in the Central. Unfortunately, tonight's results don't help... Damn you Verlander!

"Loyal2s dad" made some great comments recently in the diary and they deserve front page treatment:

Just got back from working the last homestand; wanted to share a few observations:

1. David DeJesus can play circles around Gathright defensively in CF - there really is no defense(pun intended) for Gathright getting any starts on our team.

2. Andres Blanco is getting screwed over by Bell. Sits for three or four days, gets a start, goes 2 for 3 including a HUGE rbi to pick up Buck after his bases loaded DP ball, and a leadoff double over the OF's head that resulted in another insurance run. Also, he makes several very good plays defensively. His reward, you ask? A seat back on the bench Wednesday. HUH?

3. Joselo Diaz (picked up in the Stairs trade): not only is he bigger than Stairs, he IS FATTER THAN ELVYS! I kid you not. Are we assembling a pitching staff or an offensive line? Regarding his performance - absolutely zero command of the fastball. Perhaps he was nervous because it was his ML debut - but I doubt it. He has had command issues his entire minor league career.

4. Ryan Braun is worth looking at, and he should get increasingly more meaningful appearances. Fastball is low to mid 90s, out pitch is an impressive looking, big curve ball. Potential to be a future closer? Potential to get enough Ks and groundballs to warrant a shot at closer job, IMHO.

5. Can't understand why Leo Nunez and Huber were not recalled. Both had numbers that should have merited a look, and both are already on the 40 man roster, so that isn't a problem either. Simply baffling.

Thanks again "loyal2s dad", as they say, you, are, the man.


As was mentioned in the comments a few days back, the Royals have announced their Minor League Award Winners for the season. Shockingly, persona non grata Justin Huber did not win. The Omaha awards went to Shane Costa & Joe Nelson. Umm, OK. When its all said and done, Costa will have spent as much time in KC as in Omaha, ditto for Nelson. Still, Costa did mash while up there (.593 SLG). Alex Gordon & Zack Greinke won the Wichita award. Hopefully those two will be sharing MVP/Cy Young ceremonies someday.

One last thing... Jeff Passan, come on now man, you're better than glurge like this. Seriously. I'm gonna assume your editors made you write this story, or some version of it. Next time though, I won't be so generous.