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Game 142 Open Thread- Royals (52-89) at Red Sox (75-65)

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Well well my friends, only 20 more of these little get togethers left. I guess we should rage against the dying of the season or smell the roses or something before it all gone. Once winter hits, at least we'll have Arrowhead Pride to enjoy.

Before jumping to the game, I must say I'm enjoying the various comments and perspectives regarding [She Who Will Not Be Named] and this site. Apparently many more people were/are against her ocassional prescence than I had thought. So, for the time being, no pictures of [She Who Will Not Be Named] unless she is seen a)babysitting Steel Mientkiewicz b) betrothed to a member of the Bell family or c) signed by the team to implicated the hated Justin Huber in some bizarre scandal which allows the team to DFA him.

As for tonight's game... damn, has it gotten this bad for Boston? Having Kevin Jarvis (0-1, 3.60 ERA) start one game was bad enough, but two? As a generic AAAA player with a career 6.04 ERA in over 700 big league innings, he's exactly the waiver wire bait that the Royals should be handing starts to, not the Red Sox.

Well, happy to be on the receiving end for a change.

The Royals counter with Odalis Perez (1-3, 5-7 ERA). Will Perez be a long-term member of the Royals rotation? Does anyone even care? I can't imagine a blander guy at this point: if he sticks around no one will care or notice and the team really won't be improved, and his leaving will be the same.

By the way, Jeff Keppinger hasn't drawn a walk or managed a single in the major leagues since 2004.

I fully expect an epic battle tonight, one that I will remember for all time.