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Meltdown, Then Miracle at Fenway

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Joey Gathright with a game winning (two-out) double? You can't be serious. Overcoming a vintage Angel Berroa game, while another Royal pitcher gets 10Ks? A rare Sweeney homer coupled with a bullpen meltdown? Yep, this game had it all. I'm frankly stunned that we won.

How'd that taste Ortiz? This was a revenge game for him and Manny and Youk showing us up in July after he lucked into a "stolen base" and the game devolved into a love fest. All that changed when the illustrious Joey Gathright stepped to the plate and into the pages of history.

As "grimsleyfan" (great name) just pointed out, Gathright has just beaten out Costa for a roster spot in 2007. Still, for one sweet win at Fenway, we'll take it. Well, not really, but, ya know... Hello Win #53!! We are the greatest baseball team in the world tonight, the indomitable power of the human spirit has been affirmed.

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