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Game 143 Open Thread- Royals (53-89) at Red Sox (75-66)

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10 More. The Royals need just 10 more wins to reach that incredible plateau of 63 wins. Can they make it? Last night's win was a game they needed to win (Boston started Kevin Jarvis) and, after an incredible chain of events, they did win. I never thought I'd say this, but Joey Renard Gathright was the man of the hour. Regarding the chase for 63, here's the schedule the rest of the way:

-2 @Boston
-2 @Cleveland
-4 v. Seattle
-2 v. LAA
-3 v. Detroit
-4 @Min
-3 @Detroit

The 4 game set against the Mariners looks key, the M's should be nice and dead by then (if they aren't already) and at home... who knows. Picking up three wins there could be instrumental in breaking even against everyone else. Its likely that the Twins will need every game against us, and the Dome could be rocking those nights. Lastly, don't overlook the coasting Detroit factor, they could easily have things wrapped up and be playing the B Team all three games.

Tonight's game features Luke Hudson (7-5, 5.21 ERA) and his 1.29 September ERA against the unjustly famous and well-paid Josh Beckett (14-10, 5.11 ERA).

Hackfest Update:

David DeJesus: No walks since Aug 25th
Grudz: No walks since Aug 19th!
Teahen: No walks in his final 11 games

Quite the 1-2-3 punch at the top of the order.