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Always it is by bridges that we live: RR Links

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For your edification. Following these links will without question change your life forever.

-The KC Star reports this morning that Gobble and the Royals (cue Elton John: "Gobble... Gobble... Gobble... Gobble and the Royals") are "close to a deal". Royals Review would like to extend a hearty congratulations to one of our favorite Royals, and the reigning Royal Strikeout King.

Time to get paid.

-Meanwhile the Wichita Eagle's Joanna Chadwick reports that Todd Wellemeyer is hoping to join the Royals starting rotation next season.

" (In the minors) I never came out of the bullpen, not once," said Wellemeyer, who was at Side Pockets on Wednesday as part of the Royals Caravan. "We've got some openings and there's no reason why I can't (start)."

Wellemeyer, who was general manager Dayton Moore's first acquisition, will likely get the chance because the Royals' rotation isn't set.

Even going back to his Chicago days I've liked Welly, but I'm not sure what to make of this desire to start... Only time will tell.

-Royals Review poster "JQ" shares the thoughts of Kansas head baseball coach Ritch Price over at Rock Chalk Talk.

-I've been meaning to point this out for awhile, but noted Royals message board poster/blogger/commenter Max has a new blog called Royals Resource up, which features old box scores, random baseball card and player profiles and season reviews. The piece on the 1994 season deserves reading if you haven't seen it already.

-Beyond the Boxscore examines the Randy Johnson trade. Personally, I'm with Sheehan in thinking the Yankees didn't get enough for him. As impossible as it may seem, its likely that the Yankees are actually including monetary concerns in their roster decisions now. Or maybe they're just clearing payroll for a Mike Sweeney trade.

-Gaslamp Ball was lucky enough to get an interview with Tony Gwynn on the eve of his Induction.

-"dejackso" suggests taking a flier on Joe Dillon. Didn't that guy run point for Notre Dame in the late 1990s? Ohh wait, that was Jimmy Dillon. My bad.

-The stupendous Viva El Birdos checks in on the Mulder re-signing, complete with expert commentary from known friend of Sterger Will Carroll.

-Non-sports related, but over the last few nights I've read probably 400 pages of Chang and Halliday's Mao, the Unknown Story. An endlessly fascinating (and horrifying book) that reads as if your flipping through an old high school yearbook. I have no interest in China, 20th century history, or communism, and I can't put it down.