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Five Fun Facts About Reggie Sanders

As we mourn the tragic defection of Scott Dohmann to Tampa Bay, let us examine Five fun facts about Reggie Sanders!!

1. Reggie has played for eight teams (Reds, Padres, Braves, Diamondbacks, Giants, Pirates, Cardinals, Royals). By law, all discussions of Reggie Sanders must address this fact. From 1999 to 2003 he did his infamous "New Team Each Year" tour from San Diego to Atlanta to Arizona to San Fran to Pittsburgh to St. Louis.

2. In 64 post-season games, Reggie has hit .195/.283/.326, proving for all to see that he's morally weak, cowardly and a disgrace to humanity. Ohh wait, I thought we were talking about Arod. No, its just random.

3. With 303 homers Reggie is 26th amongst active players. Amazingly, he's tied with Steve Finley, a player I've never seen hit a home run.

4. Reggie has faced Tom Glavine more than any other pitcher. In 76 Glavine-Sanders battles, Reggisimo has managed a .262/.368/.354 line with 14 singles, a double, a triple and a home run.

The way we were: A nation mysteriously loved Blues Traveler, while Reggie peaked in 1995.

5. In 1995 Reggie finished 6th in the NL MVP voting. An award somehow won by Barry Larkin. Reggie hit .306/.397/.579 with 28 homers. 1995 was the only season Sanders managed to hit over .300, and represents his career high in OBP and SLG by considerable margins.

Hasn't this been fun?