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Alex Gordon Isn't Man Enough To Be A Royal

Inspired by the news that the Police will be reuniting, a fresh presentation of that ever-popular fast food of the blogosphere, the links/notes post.

Together for the first time!

* First and foremost, December and January have been the biggest months in the history of this site, (which launched in April 2005) despite the fact that, umm, theres no baseball being played. There are a couple different thresholds a site like this needs to cross on its path to really being awesome, and I'd say we're on the mid-way point of that journey. I've been amazed with many of the comments and diaries coming from the hardcore users. Ideally, this site isn't just a blog, but a community and I think we're building towards that. As we head towards the season, look for some old favorites like the Radio Profiles, the announcement of the early candidates for the 2007 Andy Sisco Award and a few surprises I'm still working on. Lastly, if anyone has a post -- be it humorous, personal, analytical, nostalgic, etc -- that you'd like to run on the front page, consider this an open and standing invitation. OK, end happy sappy mode now...

* The season preview season is upon us. Hurricanes are for Drinking previews the Royals here. As mentioned in the diaries, Beyond the Boxscore has also taken a shot at summing up and previewing the Royals. Both are worth clicking.

* Another mailbag went up on yesterday. Apparently the company line on Gordon has taken a more hardcore turn:

I've heard general manager Dayton Moore say that Gordon had to "force his hand" to make the Royals this year. What are the chances that his hand has already been forced, after Gordon's performance last year? -- Mark H., West Helena, Ark.

There is no chance at all, in my opinion. Although Gordon was a consensus Minor Leaguer of the year, he has yet to show he can hit Major League pitching and field adequately at that level. He also needs to demonstrate potential in leadership areas, always vital for a would-be star. One big year at Double-A does not a Major Leaguer make. Gordon has a lot to prove before the Royals move Mark Teahen off third base and into the outfield. I wouldn't bank on that happening just yet.

He has yet to show he can hit Major League pitching? Come again?

This seems like truistic thinking of the lowest order. By that standard he'd never be promoted to the big leagues, unless big league pitching could be simulated or reproduced outside the big leagues... It also looks like were code-talking here, with heavy dollups of old-school, character-sniffing.

He also needs to demonstrate potential in leadership areas, always vital for a would-be star.

Sigh. Have we devolved our actual moral codes and values to the point that they are relevant and explainable through sports? Its bad baseball and its an even worse form of "leadership". Ohh well, I try to stay out of politics as much as possible...

* JoePo was evidently in a poetic mood over the weekend, as evidenced by the elliptical style employed in an otherwise straightforward "hope springs eternal" column about the Royals Caravan. As for information: Gathright is confident, he's the most asked about Royal from other GMs (allegedly) and Glass loves baseball. Its the kind of column only JoePo can (or would be allowed to) write. He's the man in KC, but I like the rarely sighted mad Posnanski better.

* Like medieval monks with commisioned prayers, the boys over at Royals Corner/Scout are dutifully reporting on the Royals from a minor league angle so we don't have to. This week they opened up the mailbag themselves and answered questions from the public.

* In non-Royals news, Athletics Nation is having another semi-annual conversation with Billy Beane, with Part I ready for reading.

* Jacob Luft, one of my favorite writers at, weighs in on the Weaver/Mariner signing, complete with lead mentioning Gil Meche.

* Associate of Sterger Will Carroll has let people know that Team Health Reports are on their way. Don't tell anyone, but Carroll's already agreed to speak with Royals Review... so keep an eye out for that. That is, if Indianapolis survives the weekend.

* Corn Nation has been previewing the upcoming season for the Huskers with relish as has Rock Chalk Talk (mostly done by our man "JQ"). In depth coverage of college baseball might be the next frontier in sports media. I'd much rather read about something I don't know much about than yet another article about why college football needs a playoff, how evil steroids are, or how mid-majors don't get enough respect. That is all... for now.