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Links: Now Let the PostBellum Era Truly Begin

Hopefully I'll be posting the winner of the 2007 Andy Sisco Award late tonight. In the meantime, here's a smattering of illustrious comment and insight.

In order of Royal-relevance, roughly...

  • Craig at Royals Authority gives out 2007 grades to the pitching staff.
  • Here is the Chicago reaction to the Bell/White Sox move. I hope they're thrilled. Royal Reflections urges us not to take the cynical position.
  • Kaegel's mailbag returns on the official site. Funnily enough, about a yera ago I sent him an email about doing an interview with RR... never heard back.

  • If you look at the photo gallery of the renovation ceremony they had at the K, you'll notice that there is a giant banner saying "The Excitement is Building", a statement I probably made in 50% of the Game Threads this season, usually about an hour before the game started. Hmm...
  • What is the AL Central Trail? Its a reflection on the White Sox 2007 season, through the lens of the Oregon Trail computer game. Check it out now, its incredible.
  • According to Lookout Landing, Derek Jeter killed the Yankee Stadium Aura. While not quite in those words, the Esquire Baseball Blog agrees.
  • Beyond the Boxscore has really been cranking out some quality content in the sabermetric vein the last few weeks, including most recently a look at how last off-season's FA signings turned out.
  • Larry from RLYW breaks down why the Yankees lost.
  • Viva el Birdos wants Ryan Franklin to become a starter for your St. Louis Cardinals. Apparently he doesn't realize that Franklin destroyed our national innocence with his steroid use.