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NLCS Game One Open Thread: Doris Lessing Commemorative Edition

Sadly, I must admit my first reaction to Dorris Lessing winning the Nobel Prize was: she's still alive? The other odd thing about it was that I've been elbows deep in mid-century British semi-middlebrow fiction (Kersch, Amis, Bellairs/Blundell), recently, can't really say why, just really enjoying the craftsmanship perhaps. Thats the oeuvre I associate with Lessing. What, Barbara Pym wasn't available? Lessing's first novel came out in 1950. 1950. Anyway, apparently she's not only alive, but feisty and opinionated and still writing, which is all awesome.

Anyway, to baseball. Say hello to the only truly legit starters in this series, Jeff Francis (17-9, 4.22 ERA) and Brandon Webb (18-10, 3.01 ERA). Not only do the Rockies have the ex-Royal advantage, they also believe God is on their side, which, if you watch Chris Young's plate approach, you'd have to concur.

I'll be here tonight, although from 8-9:00 comments will slow down, as The Office will be on.