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ALCS Game Five Open Thread: Joey Bishop Memorial Edition

First off, thanks to JQ, NYRoyal, RoyalsRetro and NHZ for providing the site with a heaping helping of quality content in the last week. Its allowed me to recharge my batteries a little bit and sit on the other side of the aisle for awhile, which has been very nice. The last few weeks I've been trying to dissertate with a little more assiduity, which has been exciting but also tiring and stressful. So I really appreciate y'all chipping in, unasked, at a really good time for me...

(NHZ would also like to commend spectator and Stat Ninja for the lively run expectancy discussion while we're thanking people)

So who had "Indians in Five"?

Despite probably holding a slight matchup-edge in Games Six and Seven, my gut feeling is that the Tribe really need to wrap things up tonight. While home-field is noticeably weaker in baseball than in just about any other sport, there is still something to it, especially in a place like Fenway.

Of course, this is all a mere prelude to the AL team getting crushed by Affeldt, Redman and the Colorado Rockies!!

Baseball-reference preview page.


Lets Go Tribe
Esquire Baseball Blog (Tribe fans)
Over the Monster
Sons of Sam Horn

See y'all tonight for the game, though, once again, during The Office I'll be a little less involved.