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Paul Byrd Allegations Raises the Possibility the Royals Had a Team Problem

This was passed along to me this morning from Gary Gaffney, a doctor at the University of Iowa who follows PEDs:

The Kansas City Royals, pathetic performers in the 2000s,  also appear to be a pathetic PED/'roid/HGH users.  Does history point at the Royal's ex-trainer Chris Mihlfeld as the source of the HGH scourge?

The revelation today of Paul Byrd receiving deliveries of HGH while a pitcher for the Royals, leads us to speculate about the relationship between former Royal Byrd, nailed HGH/steroid user and former Royal Jason Grimsley, and the former Royals trainer Mihlfeld.

Link, here.

Gaffney also has a long post on the Byrd story.

Byrd has told FOXSports that he has a brain tumor and is taking HGH for those reasons.